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"Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole."

- Roger Caras

Pictured left:

Milo, 8"x10", oil. 2022

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What clients are saying...

"Thank you Sharon! You far exceeded my expectations! They way you asked for a couple of different photos so you could truly capture their expressions was amazing. The painting was a huge success and allowed me to give a personalized gift!! Thank you!! You are such a talent!"

- Lauren B.

"I am so excited Sharon is doing this! I decided to get a portrait of our dog, Fern, for my kids as a surprise on Christmas morning. When I saw what Sharon had painted, I was blown away by her talents! She captured our dog's eyes and overall expression in such a fantastic way. The way she painted the light gives an authentic quality and warmth that's even more impressive in person. I hid the portrait and couldn't wait for Christmas morning. When my kids saw it, they gasped in excitement! It's that much more special to us that it's painted by our friend, Sharon. Thank you so much!! This painting will be treasured forever!"

- Donna M.

"Thanks again for helping me make this Christmas extra special for my boyfriend. Your talent brought Toby's personality through, just like we hoped for. I will definitely be ordering more from you."

- Jennifer S.

"Best Christmas gift ever! I've received some wonderful gifts in the past however, this one has such a special place in my heart. I ain't gana lie.... my eyes welled up beyond capacity when I opened this and saw Toby's true spirit come out through those oil painted eyes. He's such a great pup, or kid as I call him and his sisters and step bro of course. They bring so much joy into our lives despite the barking and fur flying and footprints and slobber.... love them. Jennifer I'm not sure you can top this gift next year.... you did good!"

- Jim W. 

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